Hard Body Pale is a classic pale ale made with lots of 2-row malt and hopped with clean Cascade hops from Yakima Valley. If you’re a fan of California Pale Ales; you are going to love this beer! 

This beer was brewed with large amounts of hops,  giving it the distinctive bitter taste. Modern Microbreweries now attempt to make IPAs as bitter as possible. Not us. We make it with an International bitterness rating of around 55. The taste is not overwhelmed with bitterness, but it allows you to enjoy the brilliant subtlety of the complex hops, aromas and flavors of four different hops used to finish our IPA.

Black tie is our rich, dark stout is made from three types of select malts and two types of hops. We add heavy, flavorful barley flakes to our stout to give it a thick body and full, intensely rich taste. Like a taste of Ireland, brewed with our pure spring water, stout yeast and finished to perfection. 


SHE Beverage Companys HARD Pink Lemonade starts with fresh Meyer lemons, only organic ingredients from our special recipe, we add pure cane sugar, specialty malt alcohol, and a natural artesian spring water. The result is a zesty, smooth, HARD Pink lemonade 10% ABV. The Queen's continue to wow their public with a undeniable lineup. 

Slender is a classic pilsner style lager we here at SHE Beverage Company are very proud of, with only 99 calories. We use the same high quality malts and hops as our Curvas, but have reduced the calories. If you want a true full flavored pilsner with only 99 calories and 3.5 Alcohol, Slender is your Queen.

Brunette is a classic German Dopple Bock. Like all of our beers it is made in strict accordance to the German Reinheitsgebot Purity Law of Brewing, which is water, malt, hops and yeast only! Brunette is made from five types of specialty malted barley including Munich, black patent and other premium malts which makes the set of legs on Exquisite Black Lager one you want to pop open finished with two types of hops, Sterling and Perle added at the boil and again at the finish for the perfect flavor balance. 

Dirty Blonde is far from being dirty, this is our salute to Belgian style fruit Lambic beers, with a distinctly Californian twist. Cali Citrus Amber delivers a select parts of whole oranges at precisely the right point to our amber recipe beer, and the result is this magical, orange sweet beer we call Dirty Blonde This brew is crafted with only natural ingredients, specially malted barley, our proprietary yeast strain. Even a Brunette can enjoy a Dirty Blonde. 

The smoothest red lager without the bite. We use four types of specialty-malted barley and two types of hops, Hallertau and Cascade, which are added at the exact point in the brewing cycle to create the ideal quality blend of aroma and taste. We use our own proprietary strain of lager yeast, natural artesian spring water from the historic Indian Wells Spring. Red Head is lagered for several weeks, then finished to our exact standards.

Curvas is our Pale Ale - made with two-row malted barley, European Saaz hops, pure artesian spring water and our proprietary strain of yeast. We lager this exquisitely refreshing brew to perfection every time. This is a crisp golden beer that appeals to beer drinkers of all types.

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