About SHE Beverage Company Inc.


Veteran Entertainment guru's Lupe Rose and Sonja Shelby started SHE Beverage Company Inc. in 2010 after spending nearly 20 years working in the Entertainment Industry. Since they launched SHE Beverage Company Inc. with two employees, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, Lupe and her experienced team of branding professionals manage a robust portfolio of beverages. 

SHE Beverage Company Inc. is a celebrity driven Beverage company. SHE Beer, designed to meet the needs of the female audience, and is touted to be the hottest Beer in Female Beer History! SHE Beverage Company Inc. is heating up rapidly and shows no sign of cooling. The demand for SHE Beer is growing rapidly since the infancy of its introduction. 

SHE Beer, trademarked as “The Queen of Beer”, is the first and only beer created with women in mind.  Our exclusive recipes are complex and designed to meet the discriminating taste of the female consumer.   SHE Beer will be an innovator and is poised to penetrate an untapped market.  The competition amongst corporate giants with the creation of “designer” beers creates an ideal market entry opportunity for SHE Beer.

​SHE Beer has already created a buzz within the beer industry as well as celebrity driven events without any marketing or any product launch. SHE Beer features a variety of flavored Ales & Lagers customized for today’s woman. Noted The Queen Of Beer who has NO shelf competition is far from a small pub or brewery. SHE Beverage Company is guaranteed to accomplish success in a male dominated industry that has ignored the taste, input and buying power of female consumers. SHE Beer is sure to steal the female from our competitors and introduce the male dominating industry to a refreshing brand that even HE can enjoy.

Recently after selling out at a local Jazz Festival SHE Beverage Company has created a phenomenal buzz, we made a few minor changes to cater to Men as well as Women as they felt our brand was strong enough to compete with other products that were currently on other shelves.

Our primary goal is to establish and strengthen our license to trade, launch a national scale product marketing campaign and become the elite / Boutique beer that will be bestowed by the communities in which we function. As SHE Beverage Company prospers and grows; these communities will continue to benefit from both the value created by SHE Beverage Company and its behavior as a corporate company. Currently Cece Peniston is a Voice for the brand as well as an Investor as well as Denver Broncos NFL Rookie Todd Davis, feel free to Google them, Cece Peniston is a Platinum 10X Diamond Recording Artist and Todd is playing on the field on Monday Night Football. 

Thank you to all that support SHE Beverage Company Inc.